For those that have looked closely at the Portland Trailblazers Chris Kamen this season they might have noticed circular marks on his back which are a result of a technique called cupping. ¬†Cupping is a traditional technique that has been done with acupuncture for hundreds of years and some of the Blazers including Kamen and Nic Batum are utilizing it’s healing benefits.

The general theory behind cupping is that it promotes blood flow and draws toxins out of the muscles quicker helping you recover faster from injuries and workouts. It also helps people circulate oxygen throughout their body better which is good for athletes and everybody else for that matter. Cupping is used in either plastic cups with suction pumps or with glass cups utilizing the traditional flaming cotton ball that pulls the air out before the cup is suctioned onto the skin.

If you have any questions regarding cupping and what it can useful for, feel free to call me at (360) 892-4355 and I will be glad to answer any questions about it.

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