Runners have been described by some to be the healthiest non-healthy people in the world.  They have garnered this reputation by being healthy due to their running and cardio, however they often find themselves with pain in their bodies.

Common injuries for runners involve plantar fasciitis, hip pain, low back pain, ankle pain and knee pain to name a few.

Above is a link to a Canadian Running article about runners knee and how it can be caused and how it can be treated.  Some of the treatment options involve: active release, orthotics, acupuncture, RICE (an acronym for rest, ice, compression, elevation), taping or bracing, and strengthening and stretching.

The article talks about how “Medical acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins and cortosol which are endogenous painkillers, meaning they are already within the body.  Research has shown that patellofemoral patients have a significant improvement with pain and function after acupuncture sessions.”

While acupuncture and other modalities can be very helpful in dealing with the pain in a runners knee, the active runner should also seek to prevent injury.  in seeking prevention, finding a good running coach or running group that can critique your form and technique can go a long way to staying healthy and injury free during your running sessions.  Also make sure to do your warmup stretches and cooldown stretches after your runs.

For those in Vancouver, WA, a group like VancouverFit is a great place to run in a healthy and safe environment with good coaches, trainers, and medical staff.

If you are elsewhere, you can find a local USA Fit branch in your home town at

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